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ECK restaurant

The ECK restaurant was created in the neighborhood of the Zlatý Roh winery, surrounded by vineyards with a wonderful view of Devín Castle and the Danube River. Daniel Tilinger, head chef, has been behind its birth and the entire concept from the very first steps. The chef, who has traveled all over the world and with respect for his work and all the ingredients he has been working with, decided that he could create a high-quality restaurant offering a great experience even at home in Slovakia. The craftsmanship of the interior is evident, metal, wood and stone are dominant. The restaurant is open four days, even only in the evening, and serves a seven-course tasting menu that can be paired with wines or non-alcoholic drinks of its own production. The menu is laid out precisely with regard to raw materials from the surrounding regions, so that the flavors are interconnected and the menu is graduated. Visiting this restaurant with huge international potential is a real experience and every gourmet should try it. Reservation is required.

K zlatému rohu 36,
841 10
Premium restaurant
Ambient restaurant
Payment: VISA, MasterCard
Languages: English, German
Gurmán menu

90 €
Daniel Tilinger (chef), Peter Lunter (head sommelier)
Yellow beet, sea buckthorn, sunflower, yogurt
Erd Riesling GG, 2017 Künstler Kostheim, Rheingau, Nemecko


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