About Gurmán

Radoslav Nackin Vydavateľ Gurmán na Slovensku

Gurmán na Slovensku was created at the initiative of several individuals working in restaurants in Bratislava, who aimed to elevate gastronomy, which at that time was not focused on modern cooking methods and new directions. It was still relying on traditional recipes that had been cooked for decades and were long outdated. These enthusiasts wanted the broader public to learn about their efforts since, at that time, the media showed little interest in gastronomy. Another driving force was the fact that many of my acquaintances and business partners kept asking me where they could eat well and find excellent cuisine.We wanted people to spend their money in quality restaurants, supporting them directly and not visiting or endorsing those of lesser quality!

Therefore, I decided to take charge of this project and, with the help of these ambitious individuals, we attempted to publish the first gastronomic guidebook for Slovakia in 2002

My name is Radoslav Nackin, and I am the publisher of Gurmán na Slovensku. I graduated from the Hotel Academy in Piešťany and started my career at the Devín Hotel in the French restaurant as a waiter’s assistant. Over time, I advanced to become the restaurant’s deputy manager. I then worked in Austria, Germany, and Spain. Since 1995, I have been working in international trade. In 2007, I returned to gastronomy and, together with Igor Čehy and French Michelin-starred chef Yves Thuries, I opened the “Thuriès Academy” for professional chefs, followed by a Cooking School for gourmet enthusiasts. In 2010, I started organizing Gourmet Festivals in Bratislava and Košice with a team of enthusiasts, showcasing Slovakia’s best restaurants and chefs to the general public. Since 2013, I have been organizing the Winter Food Festival, aimed at gourmets from across Slovakia, offering them the opportunity to taste the best restaurants in the country. In the same year, I began organizing the professional gastronomic symposium “Gastronomy Slovakia,” where I annually invite 5-6 Michelin-starred chefs from all over Europe.

What does ‘Gurmán na Slovensku’ want to achieve

From the beginning, we have been striving to change the situation in Slovak gastronomy and present those who have had the courage to do things honestly and with a vision. We showcase not only their restaurants but, above all, the chefs and their dishes, which are featured on the website and in the guidebook. Our focus is primarily on the individuals behind the success and quality services of each restaurant. We are pleased that over the past twenty years, we have significantly raised the level of Slovak gastronomy, and the quality and standard of our chefs have noticeably increased.

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