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Chef of the year 2024

Ranking compiled by expert evaluators of Gourmet in Slovakia and chefs



After years of working and gaining experience in top restaurants in Belgium, Austria, and England, Daniel Tilinger returned to Slovakia. He currently leads the fine dining restaurant ECK in Bratislava’s Devín, which quickly became one of the best restaurants in Slovakia. As the head chef and co-author of its concept, he views his role and the operation of this ambitious project very positively more than a year after its opening. He always wanted to be a chef since he was a child. After completing his training, he joined the Grand Hotel River Park and was greatly inspired by the then-head chef, Björn Juhnke, who shared his experiences from London. This motivated him to say at the age of twenty-three, “Now or never,” and he decided to try working abroad. In 2012, his next stop on the way to his goal was Belgium, at the Hotel Dukes’ Palace Brugge. It was a different world once again. This was followed by Michelin-starred restaurants of Gordon Ramsay and Jason Atherton. It was long hours in the kitchen, stress, and pressure, but Daniel enjoyed it. He stood on his own, realizing that if he wanted to be good, he had to work hard and develop his skills. Therefore, in 2015, he moved to Salzburg, where he worked at the two Michelin-starred Ikarus restaurant and the iconic Hangar-7. What more could a young professional wish for than having a different guest chef every month? Daniel’s style can be defined as modern but simple and straightforward in what he cooks. He enjoys working with local ingredients: asparagus, game, and mushrooms, thus focusing on the regions of Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary.



A total of 58 Gurmán evaluators and chefs from all over Slovakia voted

1. place
2. place
3. place
1.Daniel TILINGERECK, Bratislava86440
2.Lukáš HESKOIrin., Bratislava65230
3.Martin NOVÁKSøgu Bistro, Bratislava53425
4.Jozef BREZAGašperov mlyn, Batizovce44424
5.Jozef MASAROVIČUFO, Bratislava43421
6.Michal TAKÁCSIASAI, Bratislava22515
7.Roman BOROVSKÝSemillon, Vráble22414
8.Marián FILOChateau Čereňany22313
9.Miroslav ZÁMIŠKAGrand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras22212
10.Jozef HROMJÁKVilla Sandy, Košice21311
11.Michael THÍRYOhniskO, Košice13211
12.Juraj HRUŠKASlávia, Košice21210
12.Imrich BINDICSVilla Rosa, Dunajská Streda21210
14.Patrik POKRÝVKAReštaurácia Sissi, Hotel Lomnica1229
15.Michal KONRÁDBao Brothers1218
15.Zdenko KRAMARČÍKChateau Gbeľany1138
17.Martin KORBELIČMenJu, Bratislava1116
17.Andrea ENADa Andrea, Bratislava1116
17.Michal ŠKORECPoľovnícky zámoček Antonstál1116
17.Eva POLOMSKÁSOTTO Ristorate, Spišská Nová Ves1116
17.Martin KlaučoFranz Josef, Hotel Lomnica1116
17.Peter ĎURČOTOP restaurant, Žilina1116

The following chefs were also evaluated: Peter Duranský, Marek Kotúček, Jiří Zajíček, Samuel Džubák, Zdenko Majzún, Péter Czucz, Matej Bakoš, Erik Kopas, Peter Gogál, Rado Budzák, Andrej Roth, Patrik Hanzel, Mário Žužič, Tomáš Zapletal, Tomáš Ševčík, Lukáš Šepeľa, Erik Volko, Jaroslav Bachleda, Peter Bracho, Tomáš Sika, Peter Slačka, Igor Janiga a Lukáš Heuser.

The chef of the year becomes the chef who recorded the greatest progress, who raised the level and quality of his restaurant and had the greatest “drive” this year. Of course, the qualities of these chefs, nominated by our expert evaluators as well as chefs from gourmet restaurants throughout Slovakia, are high and have contributed to the fact that Slovak gastronomy has moved a step forward again. Congratulations to all the top 20 and we believe that in a year we will see a few new young names there again.

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