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Chef of the year 2023

Ranking compiled by expert evaluators of Gourmet in Slovakia and chefs



Lukáš worked in Michelin restaurants in London and Stockholm, and after returning to Slovakia, he created completely new concepts that had no parallel in our country until then. The first was the FACH restaurant, which already hinted at the philosophy of Lukáš’s cooking and had a very good response, was awarded the Golden Fork and Lukáš became the chef of the year 2017 according to Gourmet in Slovakia. Already a year later, he opened a new concept in Trnava – Akademia beer & bistro, which was also a successful initiative of the new style of Slovak bistro culture. However, he still dreamed of owning his own business, where he would cook exactly the way he feels. His dream came true in 2022 with the opening of the Irin restaurant. in Bratislava, in the historic part of the Old Town in a magical place on Rudnay square. Together with their team, they offer their guests creative haute cuisine, which pushes the boundaries of the Slovak gastronomic scene a little further. The quality of his cuisine was appreciated by gourmets, the professional public and also our bedeker by awarding up to 2 Golden Forks, and Lukáš was awarded the Chef of the Year 2023 award for his unbreakable will to open his own restaurant with his signature.


A total of 58 Gurmán evaluators and chefs from all over Slovakia voted

1. place
2. place
3. place
1.Lukáš HESKOIrin., Bratislava84234
2.Daniel TILINGERECK, Bratislava64430
3.Jozef BREZAGašperov Mlyn, Batizovce46228
4.Gabriel KOCÁKU nás doma, Spišská Sobota45527
5.Martin NOVÁKPalace Art Hotel, Pezinok53425
6.Jozef MASAROVIČUFO, Bratislava43422
7.Martin MIKLOŠÍKBISTRONOMY, Bratislava25420
8.Michael THÍRYOhniskO, Košice24317
9.Juraj HRUŠKASlávia, Košice24215
10.Michal TAKÁCSIASAI Food Bar, Bratislava22515
11.Miroslav ZÁMIŠKAGrand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras22414
12.Marián FILOChateau Čereňany22313
13.Imro BindicsVilla Rosa, Dunajská Streda22212
14.Martin KORBELIČMenJu, Bratislava22111
15.Peter ĎURČOTOP restaurant, Žilina1309
16.Roman BOROVSKÝSemillon, Vráble1229
17.Zdenko KRAMARČÍKOlivia’s, Žilina1138
18.Andrea ENADA Andrea, Bratislava1116
18.Erik VOLKOBistro Chef, Zvolen1116
20.Eva POLOMSKÁSOTTO ristorate, Spišská Nová Ves0135

The following chefs were also evaluated: Michal Škorec, Peter Duranský, Peter Bracho, Kristián Šramka, Jakub Roder, Anton Meszaroš, Ľubomír Lovecký, Ivan Čurgali, Tomáš Sido, Ervin Madi, Radovan Budzák, Erik Šoltés, Marek Kotuček, Daniel Marek, Peter Czucz a Marcel Kubík.

The chef of the year becomes the chef who recorded the greatest progress, who raised the level and quality of his restaurant and had the greatest “drive” this year. Of course, the qualities of these chefs, nominated by our expert evaluators as well as chefs from gourmet restaurants throughout Slovakia, are high and have contributed to the fact that Slovak gastronomy has moved a step forward again. Congratulations to all the top 20 and we believe that in a year we will see a few new young names there again.

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