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WERK is a very successful example of a modern industrial environment, in which the guest feels cozy at the same time. The restaurant is located in the building of the Jurkovič heating plant and is a contrast to the modern architecture of the surrounding Sky Park buildings. The offer at Werk is a mix of cosmopolitan cuisine with a focus on meat dishes and fish, but also on vegan dishes, homemade desserts, own coffee and craft drinks. We chose grilled goat cheese with tomato compote, smoked fermented chili and capers from the menu. The main course was pulled beef shoulder with roasted tomato cream, handmade potato gnocchi and pecorino. It’s a very successful concept, where the menu is constantly changing, but you can always be sure that you will eat well and the staff will make you feel comfortable. In the evening, WERK turns into a lounge area with subdued light and a bar atmosphere.
Bottova 1,
811 09
Special restaurant
Ambient restaurant
Payment: VISA, MasterCard
Languages: English
Basic menu

28 €
Gurmán menu

46 €
Tomáš Falb (chef)
Coldfish poached cod, cauliflower puree, fermented cauliflower, semolina, bernese sauce with licorice
Chardonnay Grand Barossa, suché, Chateau Tanunda, Eden Valley, Austrália


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