MenJu is the restaurant of two excellent and well-known chefs, Martin Korbelič and Tomáš Sika, who you certainly know from the TV screen – Martin as a strict judge in MasterChef and both in Moja mama vari vehner than yours. In their restaurant, they have built a bistro style and their menu changes every week. We tasted a great version of the classic máčanka soup, venison from the Považ forests with poppy seeds and pumpkin harula, and as a dessert a memory of childhood – children’s semolina. They were excellently mastered dishes and masterfully prepared. The service is very accommodating and nice. MenJu also serves an interesting à la carte breakfast, which is why it is also suitable for morning business meetings. They are closed on weekends and do not serve dinner yet, but I believe that they will not resist and will soon prepare an offer for their guests for dinner – maybe at least one day.
Bajkalská 22,
821 09
Hotel restaurant
Modern restaurant
Payment: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro
Languages: English
Basic menu

22 €
Gurmán menu

35 €
Martin Korbelič, Tomáš Sika (chefs)
Belly tonnato – young pig belly, tuna espuma, fermented red onion
Chateau Belá Riesling, 2020


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