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BAROZA Restaurant & Bistro

BAROZA Restaurant & Bistro, located on the outskirts of Petržalka, is already a fixture of the Bratislava scene, and the creativity of its chef Peter Slačka is extraordinary. The kitchen performs at a consistently high level and the selection of dishes is always interesting. Some variations inspire respect and even amazement in you, but after tasting you are pleasantly surprised by interesting flavor combinations. The service is attentive, professional and always willing to advise on the choice of food. The wine list is also interestingly arranged and there is always something new to offer from smaller winemakers. The pleasantly furnished modern interior is in symbiosis with modern gastronomy. At Baroza, however, they don’t play tricks, they simply prepare and serve their guests excellent food at a reasonable price, and from the last menu we can warmly recommend grilled white asparagus, blue cheese bambino, honey balsamic and smoked almonds or beef hanger steak, broccoli puree, young broccoli, wild garlic, goat cheese, demi glace.
Sitnianska 1,
811 00
Premium restaurant
Ambient restaurant
Payment: visa, mastercard
Languages: English
Basic menu

20.80 €
Gurmán menu

39 €
Peter Slačka (chef) with your team
Beef, beets, chocolate, pink pepper
Mongrana/ 2019 / Agricola Querciabela


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