OhniskO Fire Dining & Brew Bar

A new restaurant in Košice has brought a new wind to the local gastro scene. The idea of a new type of restaurant has been brewing in the head of the young chef for a long time. As the name suggests, you can especially look forward to food inspired by fire and smoke, a wide selection of craft beers, great coffee roasted especially for Ohnisko, and homemade drinks. They also don’t forget the offer of quality wines and mixed drinks in a special bar focused primarily on craft gins. The Ohnisko project embodies chef Michael Thíry’s long-term enthusiasm for working with fire, smoke and fermentation. In the Fire Dining kitchen, where the iconic Josper grill reigns, you can therefore look forward to unique combinations of flavors inspired by Asia, modified in ways typical of northern Europe, but you can also find classic BBQ here. Less traditional items such as eel, oysters, veal loin or homemade seitan are also grilled here. Another amazing place for foodies in Košice, and Gurmán magazine highly recommends going to Ohnisko – you definitely won’t regret it.
Gorkého 9 ,
040 01
Special restaurant
Ambient restaurant
Payment: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro
Languages: English
Basic menu

22 €
Gurmán menu

66 €
Michael Thíry (chef)
Grilled veal shank with herb salsa, caviar and truffles.
„Ohnisko Rampáš“, Vinárstvo u Koňa, Tokaj Underground


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