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Wabi Sabi Japanese Restaurant River Park

In the heart of Pressburg, as Bratislava used to be called, on the Danube, right on Hviezdoslav Square, you will find a unique restaurant of the Bencik Culinary Group, which has revived traditional cuisine from the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Come and enjoy the specialties that even Emperor Franz Joseph himself liked. The restaurant offers a unique combination of selected specialties of Austro-Hungarian cuisine in accordance with modern culinary art. Try the unique Tafelspitz, “Szeged” beef stew, Pörkölt, “Prešporský schnitzel” or the traditional Kaiserschmarrn. The interior of the restaurant matches the overall concept and sensitively completes the atmosphere of the old Prešpork. The attentive and sympathetic staff strives for the same, and they can provide expert advice and explain the individual specialties. The selection of wines is also at a good level, so it will please every fan of Prešpor cuisine.

Dvořákovo nábr. 4/B, River Park ,
811 02
Special restaurant
Modern restaurant
Payment: všetky
Languages: English, German
Basic menu

14.5 €
Gurmán menu

69 €
Rudolf Kravárik (chef and owner)
Sushi nigiri Miyazaki wagyu A5
Kuromatsu Junmai Daiginjo


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