Dear Gourmets

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Radoslav Nackin, publisher

for twelve years he worked at the Slovak gastronomic scene and assess, discover, recommend the best restaurants, chefs and sommeliers and winemakers. Over the years we have managed a lot and we are pleased that the quality level of the entire gastronomy has increased. Of course, and our other activities related to the development of gastronomy as Thuram academy for professional cooks or organization Gourmet Fest in Bratislava and Košice and, finally, a very popular winter festival food focused on cravings regions around Slovakia facilitate this progress, mainly thanks to you, dear gourmets. You are the driving force behind the whole process, and without you we could not support the best. but still not enough to developed Europe and, unfortunately, we are still behind. So we decided to declare Slovak gastronomic revolution.
We addressed all the chefs, restaurants, Association of Hotels and Restaurants, Association of Cooks and Confectioners, farmer, historian of SAS, Slovak Tourist Board, as well as professional catering media that we stand together and join forces put pressure on government departments, ministries and accrued to change some legal rules and regulations concerning business in gastronomy and in factory farming and hygiene standards, preventing the development of a mainly Slovak cuisine disadvantage compared to developed Europe. However it is possible that, for example, everywhere in the world brewed sous vide, but under Slovak law, it is illegal to be able in Europe to sell and offer guests odležané and matured meat and sell guests steaks medium and bloody, but in Slovakia it is, of course prohibited. Here are just a few problems and not to mention the tax.
Another theme of revolution is education of the whole society about which foods and products are healthy and which are just cheap. Slovak promote products and hence their Slovak producers, and especially to know what is not typical crops for Slovakia as well as typical specialties regions. because our children do not even remember it, and – let’s face it – not many of us.
I believe that our support and his visiting the best restaurants to confirm their quality, their efforts and major support ring:
Slovak farmer – restaurant – quality and healthy food – employment in Slovakia.

Bon appetit, my friends!
Radoslav Nackin, publisher