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Villa Rosa

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Jesenského 6, 929 01 Dunajská Streda Tel/fax: 031/590 27 70 Open : 10:00-22:00 www.villarosa.sk

Villa Rosa is a romantic restaurant and guest house in Dunajská Streda, considered the capital of Rye Island and a magnet for tourists seeking thermal water, the pure meanders of the Danube full of fish and a range of wild animals. The interior is dominated by wood and regional architectural elements, which will give you a feeling of home. We also feel at home here, in particular due to the attentive staff and primarily thanks to head chef Imre Bindics. Imre is known for his enthusiasm for traditional recipes from Rye Island, he’s even published a book on the subject, and their inclusion in the restaurant’s menu. Local farmers are his preferred suppliers so it comes as no surprise that the meals are breath-taking and the good old tastes of the past have been revived. These characteristics are very true of the traditional farmer’s rooster soup with vegetables and homemade noodles and the crispy carp with Rye Island local “lesco” vegetable ragout cream and with Viennese dill and curd cheese dumplings.